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Manage your employee reward programs, campaigns, and incentives to boost employee engagement and recognition with ease.

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Self-Service Employee Merchandize Platform

An employee retention and rewarding platform that delivers a range of benefits to businesses without any overhead.

Boost Employee Morale

Employees receive instant access to a range of rewards and benefits, ensuring that they are always motivated to deliver their best work.

Enhance Brand Reputation

Employees wearing company-branded merchandise outside of work showcases a positive message about the company, which can help build a solid reputation.

Retain Top Talent

Create and manage recognition and rewards programs that are aligned with your company values. This will help build a positive culture, engage employees, and motivate them to stay with the company

High-quality products, seamless customer experience, and affordable pricing

One-stop online platform designed to provide businesses with fully customizable, white-labeled employee merchandise store.

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Integrates to HCM

Differentiating through a wider product range, a user-friendly design interface, superior customer service, competitive pricing, and faster turnaround times

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Unlimited Campaigns
Detailed Reporting
Auto Schedule Tuning
Smart Analytics
And More

A comprehensive rewards system.

Promote loyalty, satisfaction, and employee engagement, essential components of your company's success. At the same time, providing quality brand merchandize reinforces business values, culture and acts as a motivator and helps build a lasting relationship with the company.

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This app is a truly blessing for all professionals! A day to day project management was never easy for me. But with prompt, I can manage more than 100 projects easily.

Cersei Lannister

Senior Project Manager

It is one of the very convenient to use project manager ever! I have tried many project management apps for my daily tasks, but this one is far better than others. Simply loved it!

John Stark

Engineering Director

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